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You Belong Here, by Baltimore Artist Kacey Stafford

Tucked into the basket that I prepared for the Malice Domestic live auction was a Kacey Stafford signed print, “You Belong Here.” The print is a contribution from the Baltimore artist and friend. Kacey’s work reflects her priorities of family, nature, and social responsibility. The Found Studio Shop, Kacey’s business location, is tucked away in Baltimore’s Lauralville. It features the work of local artists and artisans. Kacey is an active member of the community. You can read about her in Baltimore Fishbowl and in a Baltimore Magazine feature. On her Etsy profile, she says, “Family is important to me. I draw constant inspiration from my children and extended family and see the parallel of piecing my mixed media paintings together while piecing together the day to day that comes from keeping up with them.”

Kacey Stafford prints
Baltimore artist Kacey Stafford's mixed media art shows a strong commitment to social justice. For her, it is more than art. It is a way of life

The print, “You Belong Here” is especially appropriate for the Trilogy. In Book 3, the Harrison children can’t understand why people call the Pullman car porter, “George.” And they don’t understand why the Japanese sergeant who belongs to the famous 442nd Infantry Regiment is snubbed by some of the other passengers on the Santa Fe Chief.

Children can ask uncomfortable questions.  They remind us that our ideas of who belongs and who doesn’t belong don’t always have a rational basis. They are masters of showing us the inconsistencies between our words and actions, too.

I think Kacey would be pleased to know that Malice Domestic’s live and silent auctions support KEEN. It is a program to empower kids in the DC area who have disabilities. It provides literacy and reading/communication support programs.  Another piece of good news, you can shop for all kinds of cool stuff on line at The Found Studio. 

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