Chapter  1    Old Shep Returns                         

Chapter  2    Do You Believe in Magic?             

Chapter  3    Troubling News

Chapter  4    Hard Words

Chapter  5    Going On             

Chapter  6    The Ways of a Scout         

Chapter  7    Not to be Trusted    

Chapter  8    Nothing to Call Her Own            

Chapter  9    Apple Dumplings

Chapter 10    No Time for Tears         

Chapter 11    Escape

Chapter 12    Some Would Call It Magic

Chapter 13    Making a Run for It

Chapter 14    The Man in the Dream                

Chapter 15    A Change of Plans         

Chapter 16    The Alabaster Cavern         

Chapter 17    Facing the Dark Magic             

Chapter 18    Across the Alabaster Bridge 

Chapter 19    To Saint Louis         

Chapter 20    The Mysterious Shepherd     

Chapter 21    Grace Forgets         

Chapter 22    Another Set of Twins     

Chapter 23    The Empty Box         

Chapter 24    The Secret in the Attic             

Chapter 25    Little Gracie Falls Asleep     

Chapter 26    Visitors from the Past     

Chapter 27    The Beautiful Hills         

Chapter 28    A Tin Box              

Chapter 29    James Remembers 

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