The Last Crystal Trilogy

The Last Crystal Trilogy is historical fantasy for middle grade/young adult readers and anyone who loves an adventure. A Broadway musical director and avid lifelong reader, says that “if you love the fantasy of Harry Potter, the time-travel of A Wrinkle in Time, and the history of The Little House on the Prairie, the Trilogy is for you.”

It spans a hundred years and two world wars, starting on the Santa Fe Trail in 1856 and ending on the famous Santa Fe Chief train in 1944. None of the children in the trilogy have ever heard of the Last Crystal or its life-giving water until they are drawn into a magical quest to save it.

History comes alive as they face life-threatening challenges and have to decide whether they will take action or cave in to despair. A theme in my coming of age story, is that there are some things only a child can do because children can imagine possibilities that adults fail to see.

Recommended Reading Order

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Book 3

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