Author Frances Schoonmaker threads postmodern themes into historical fiction set in Oklahoma during the Great Western Migration. . . . Schoonmaker knows our children live in dangerous times, surrounded by painful news and media images that cause them to doubt the existence of security or the existence of a sure and just path forward. In short, they are on a journey much like Grace's.                                      Dr. Monte Joffee, founder and former Principal of The Renaissance Charter School, Jackson Heights, New York City Public Schools.

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Schoonmaker has put a great deal of attention into historical context and scholarship about the Great Westward Migration. Plus, the books are infused with exciting magical elements that kids adore. Courtney McGee, The Baltimore Sun, Towson edition (Wednesday, April 25, 2018, p.21).  

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An endearing story that's easily accessible to younger readers with straightforward language that doesn't talk down to them, yet is still enjoyable for older readers, this journey sprinkled with bits of magic is entertaining and edifying as the story unfolds. A quick read that spans from Grace's childhood to that of her children, there are elements of history to educate and offer a sense of setting, as do the adorable illustrations at the beginning of each chapter, while also containing elements of magic and lore to provide fodder for the reader's imagination and develop the narrative into something greater.                           Jen, Goodreads

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