A young friend, whose grandma lives too far away for her to attend Grandparents Day at his school, invited me to be his guest. I had a wonderful morning with my friend Otto. He selected a flower for me to plant in my garden—a marigold. In ancient times, marigolds were associated with dark themes such as cruelty or grief, but they are also seen as symbolizing creativity, passion, and good relationships. That is how I see the marigold Otto chose.

Otto and I went on a science scavenger hunt over the grounds of his school, Glenelg Country Day School near Elliott City, MD. We found wiggly things under a log, danced on the dragon’s lair, and located particular trees. We didn’t see vultures or find a bird’s feather, but we found everything else on the list. After half and hour of tramping around the grounds, Otto took me to the library.

Librarian Angela Horjus and Otto located The Black Alabaster Box on the bookshelf. That was pretty exciting. Angela wrote a review for the cover of The Red Abalone Shell and invited me to be a featured author at the Glenelg Book Fair, held at the Ellicott City Barnes and Noble last year. It was a real treat to be in her beautiful library. I noticed Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson on display—what fun to find your books in a school library!