Professional Books

Here are some books I’ve written that you may find useful in your professional development.



is the story of a failing school in a small town in Western Oklahoma. It looks at school leadership and reform through an alternative to the dominate discourse on school change and leadership. The faithful life is concerned with what is good, true, right just, beautiful and holy—not your typical education vocabulary. But it describes what most families want for their children whether they live in the city or country America or elsewhere. Information Age Publishing.

Growing Up Caring.jpeg

Growing up teaching

follows a teacher from her teacher preparation program through her eighth year of teaching. It speculates on how she is able to surface her personal knowledge, gained through years of being a student, in order to reconstruct it in light of what she is learning through her preparation program and experience. Published by Teachers College Press.


growing up caring

was the first textbook of its kind when it appeared in 1990. It speaks directly to young people about their relationships at home, in school, with friends, and in society. It is available on line at widely different prices. Published by Glencoe/Macmillan.