Female Protagonists

Girl Protagonists

Have you ever thought about how many girls are the lead character, or protagonist, in the books you read? I came across an interesting essay about gender bias. Teaching artist and writer, Judy Sobeloff says there is a “golden ratio,” that is, “For every smart/brave/adventurous fictional heroine, the author must supply 1.618 boys.” Some people think that boys won’t read stories about girls. Others think that girl heroes have to be smarter, more daring, and braver than anyone for us to like them. In her opinion, things won’t be equal until girl heroes are as free to be vulnerable and make mistakes as they are to act in daring ways. (Judy Sobeloff “The Golden Ratio of Sexism in Children’s Literature”)

I reflect on this in light of Grace Willis, the protagonist in The Black Alabaster Box in my blog, Four Leaves and Tales. Click on the link to see the post.