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Daguerreotype image of Walker's branded hand, 1845 by photographers Southworth & Hawes.
In 1844, Jonathan Walker’s hand was branded with SS for Slave Stealer. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Coming soon from Auctus Publishers: Sid Johnson and the Phantom Slave Stealer.  Watch for the cover reveal later this spring. Read about why I chose the title and more about Walker in my blog.

When Sid Johnson discovers that their Illinois farm is a stop on the Underground Railroad he is afraid of what will happen if Ma and Pa are caught. But bounty hunters threaten Pa, and Sid overhears them talking about a phantom slave stealer. He decides that to protect the family, he has to find out more. Before his plans are in place, bounty hunters burn the Johnson’s barn, compromising the farm as a stop on the Railroad. Ma and Pa decide to go west. Disappointed that he failed to learn any more about the slave stealer, Sid is relieved to leave the slave question behind. He is about to find out that the ugly shadow of slavery reaches to the Santa Fe Trail and that his involvement with the Phantom Slave Stealer has just begun.

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