There is no Frigate like a book

To take us Lands away,

so wrote Emily Dickinson.

I think she was right. You’ll find information about my books here and a bit about me on my blog. Anybody who likes a good book is welcome. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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It's Finally Here!
Book 2 in the Sid Johnson Series

Book Cover shows a boy holding a lamp while he looks into an open trunk.
This stunning cover is by Liesl Bolin who has designed the covers for all of my books.

The Well-Intended Conspiracy  Hidden among Sid Johnson’s most treasured possessions is a letter he promised to take to Santa Fe. Is the letter a family history as he’s been told or the key to a long-forgotten Spanish treasure? Why is its code name Esteban’s Cross? All Sid knows is that he trusts the man who gave it to him and there are others who are willing to kill for it. But the letter is pushed to the back of his mind as he learns firsthand that travelers on the trails west have more to fear from disease than from the American Indians they are displacing. As he grieves over the loss of his home and friends, Sid must deal with an unwelcoming group of boys in the wagon train. And as if things couldn’t be worse, he discovers the letter is missing just when he needs it to save his little sister from kidnappers. Sid learns what true friendship and courage mean as he navigates the challenges of life on the Santa Fe Trail.

What People Are Saying About the Book: “This captivating book blends elements of a historical drama with an intimate portrait of life during the 1850s. It is a tale of human courage and will, as well as an exploration of the displacement and destruction of the Kanza Nation along the Santa Fe Trail . . . Well-researched and detailed . . . an intense and immersive experience akin to those found in adult historical fiction. A stunner.”—The Prairies Book Review

“This book will raise important questions about our country’s history while keeping the reader engaged with adventure and suspense.”—BookTrib

“a finely-crafted and well-told story that includes an amazing amount of trail history, the diversity of people on the route, and dealing with Mother Nature in addition to the mystery of the stolen letter.”— Leo Oliva. Santa Fe Trail Historian

“You can practically taste the dust from the trail as you join young pioneer hero Sid Johnson and his friends on their harrowing trek. Wonderfully rich in history, this is a tale not to be missed!”—Alan Orloff, Anthony and Agatha Award winning author of the YA thriller, I Play One On TV

“Libraries and readers seeking historical fiction that embraces intrigue, discovery, and growth will follow Sid’s journey to California. . .with avid interest, whether the book is chosen for its leisure read attraction or for its living history”—D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

The Well-Intended Conspiracy, NOW AVAILABLE.
Book Cover shows a boy holding a lamp while he looks into an open trunk.
A boy hides behind a tree trunk watching something.
You may want to read Book 1 in the Sid Johnson Series first.

Click on the highlighted title to read chapters 1-4 of the Agatha Award nominated  The Phantom Slave Stealer.

Ask for it at your local independent book store or at online outlets including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

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I'm enjoying a good book on the Southwest Chief from Chicago to LA via Kansas City.

The Southwest Chief train follows much of the route of the old Santa Fe Trail. So from Kansas to New Mexico, I wasn’t reading, I was taking notes. I’d driven along most of the route and viewed trail track ruts in Kansas and the Oklahoma Panhandle, but seeing the landscape from the train was invaluable. Much of the country looks remarkably like it would have looked to the children in The Last Crystal Trilogy and to Sid.

Follow the link to view an interview by Liesl Bolin and the interior book design of the Agatha Award-Winning The Last Crystal, Book 3. Film production is by Bill Butler. Creation of The Last Crystal Trilogy

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